Birth pool hire bond

Birth pool hire bond

Product Description

Refundable bond for birth pool hire.

Bond will be refunded once pool is returned (within 7 days of the birth) with all pool parts well cleaned, well dried and returned in the tidy manner in which they were hired.

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Step 1.

Step 2.

Pickup at:
Choose whether to pick the pool up at either 37 weeks pregnant or 38 weeks pregnant. This affects your hire end date (maximum of 42 or 43 weeks, respectively). Note: The pool must be returned within 7 days of birth regardless of end date.

Your Hire Start Date is:

Step 3. Use your Hire Start Date in the below calendar to check availability and select your hire period.
Note: depending on your internet connection, the calendar can take several seconds to load. If it has not loaded after 30s, refresh the page and try again.

STOP! Have you read all the information on pool hire such as the Pool Contract, Hire Process and Pickup/Return? If not, please read ALL information before hiring!

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