Ten questions to ask a midwife

  1. How long have you been a midwife and why did you become one?
  2. What are your beliefs about pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding?
  3. How many women do you care for in a month? (Full time practice is recommended by Midwifery Council as 4-6 women/month.)
  4. Do you have children and how old are they?
  5. Do you come to my home for our visits?
  6. How many women have you cared for that have planned a home birth?
  7. What are your statistics (for caesarean, induction of labour, epidural, episiotomy etc.)
  8. Are you a member of New Zealand College Of Midwives? And how regularly do you have your practice reviewed?
  9. What is your arrangement for back-up care? (You need to feel comfortable that the back-up midwife is someone you have met and that her practice is similar to your midwife’s.)
  10. How many postnatal visits do you usually make after the birth? (Midwifery Council minimum requirement is 4 weeks and may be up to 6 weeks.)  
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